Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lots of catching up to do

sorry for the lack of posts. its been crazy here these days n that aint no joke. with lots of homies in town there were plenty of activities goin on.
lets start er off nice with ted lavoie's bday at the OGbig fan of the cosmos right there
the 1817 homies rolled into the club for night 1 of the weekend extravaganzas. we had a nice full room video chat with the peepshow broads
chips new whip

louie vito shadow traininglots of gambling on night 2 with a lot more people in town
parker had a couple hair adjustments on night 2
mistake 1. let desiree braid and then cut your hair.
mistake 2. let parker take a little off the front with a knife
next day at brighton was all time. randy fs chuck in the halfpipe
grenier bleiler roll
marie hucal and peep show's newest member?
alex a
lizards new whip in the SFK garage

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