Tuesday, November 30, 2010

look at these fucks

mobile club boya in the northwest post 1

were all staying at this hotel the next few days
this is the chandelier of death in the front lobby
I was the first one in my room so I laced the place with ice's

The rest of the club arrived at 5am and they all got iced

the internet connection is horrible here, so more photos later

the drive to tha northwest

me, granger, bogart and sean black had to drive to the northwest for some top secret snowboard shit yesterday. first, we had to wait for granger and bogart who had packages cumming from signal. we waited till the end of the day
it was like christmas when the packages came though. note that these came at 3pm and we had a 14 hour drive ahead of us
thanks tep :):);)
packing up the car. 3:15 PM
3:45 pick up sean black. note how much snow there is in the yard. kind of a whoops to leave town at a time like this, but oh well. its gonna be well worth it
spirits are high again now that we are finally leaving. official departure time from slc : 4:00 PM.
granger's accessories for the drive
leaving slc before sunset is all that counts

we tried to do a live broadcast of our drive. it kind of worked for about the 2 people that could see it
about nine hours into the drive we ran into this. it stayed like this for about 250 miles
then we made it. 4:45 AM
we woke this guy up and thankfully had a place to crash for a few hours before boardin'
it snowed about 3 feet since yesterday and supposed to snow plenty more tonight. no longer worried about how much snow salt lake city has

this is what we drove into last night

Sunday, November 28, 2010


figured i should start this off right
larry working on some ledge tricks
the vg crew has been following us around a lot. takin advantage of that thanksgiving city snow
start early, go from spot to spot and usually end around night time. craziest early city snow sessions ever
im sure everyone will be able to figure this spot out soon, but from the looks of it theres a good chance itll be knobbed again if theres always snow piled up against the doors. gotta clean that shit up when your done
drunk dave in da streetz!
chip and mike mo skate style to the max
mama hades has this crazy photo filter. must be some kinda artsy capita crew stuff
ross and drunk d
coffee shop chip
we got first chair and fresh tracks at rail gardens today. drunk d made it for his first time ever
i got first tracks, what up now
dave gettin that pow slash
chip psyched on the first run of the day
then he got iced
soon after that brewster, larry, johnny, and devin showed up
larry front lip FTNW
grenier got his new boot from 32
then we got back and started building a mini pipe for shits and gigs
2 shovels at once what you know about that
bogart whippin donutz all over the place
night session cumming soon...

some good ol fashioned shovel ridin boys!

sometimes the things that go down at spots (besides hamms obviously) are more fun than the boardin'
heres alex and chip with some matching kits
we decided to do some mikey leblanc tributes - some good old fashion shovel ridin'
we definitely got some good slams in there
we had a great time

some recent brighton pics

its been pow city up at brighton lately. this is gonna be a great utah winter here folks
parker worthen with that mandatory flip jump
mouse cumming out of dirty trees
park crew at brighton is the shit, especially when you get to do this shit while workin
went up for round two the next day with lucey ross and alex
wooooops (sorry guys)
alex michaelchuk. look at ed in the background
greniers fatbooth has some serious gems on there
psyched to be riding pow in nov
get up to brighton now! its been seriously dumping all season so far. stay tuned for some brighton edits treal soon