Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving day super post

These photos have been sitting on my phone for a while

we turned the downstairs into an actual club

salt lake has snow right now so we've been out filming

been on that early program lately

Grenier's in run cat grooming capabilities

and a boards width run out

saw this HCSC brochure, scotty steve with the cover

Beresfrod closing page

we all went to the grocery store the day before thanksgiving for supplies

Lucey and Dangler were there doing the same

Chef boy r Grange started prepping as soon as we got back

taking advantage of high bust spots on thanksgiving day, bundy hot wax mid session

VG was hitting a spot 300 feet over from us



chip found a frozen hat in the drop in

hustle till nightfall

Granger made thanksgiving happen and cooked a real nice dinner for a little over 20 people

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