Tuesday, March 29, 2011

utah has the perfect amount of snow

fuck tahoe. utah is going off. full retard pow edit coming soon to prove it

Monday, March 28, 2011

there's seriously to much snow here

Tahoe just passed the record for most snow ever in Tahoe. This past storm they got 14ft. its almost impossible to hike around in the backcountry.

There's tons of house on this road, but you just can't see them, there completely buried.

These people said this is the 3rd time this week they have had to dig there car out like this. That fucking sucks

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check out brandons new hair cut

the lake here looks like an ocean right now, the waves are pretty big

get out your surf boards if your in lake tahoe right now

AwwwKayyyyy post #2


this guy tired to steal Ross's camera bag

4 man bungee pull plus old rope circa Cool Story year from japan equals Burtner getting whipped with a fully pulled bungee launching him airborne leaving him with many bruises and probably the best shot I've seen thanks to Ross's 5 second pre record.

bungees should have leashes

one of the many wounds the bungee left on Burtner

larch madness

Geno chopping away at ice, we've been doing this at almost every spot

ax man

there was supposed to be a trail down to this spot but we didnt find it and had to snake our way through an overgrown forest

don't go in there

lunch ramp certified lunch box. barely made it through the forest intact

bin ladens cave

along with target practice

Gus mah finally decided to go out with us

lil flat bar

lil hip

larch madness flying off a pat down. camouflage grab

To much snow

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

brighton was glorious today

cruised up to brighton today with a whole bunch of homies. good times ensued
little windy but you can put up with that when the snows nice and the sun is shining
chip with that crispy handplant on the qp
tucker andrews crippler
chip and brandon's new party pony
tucker fs air in the pipe
my broken jaw's still hangin in there. psyched i can cruise around!
tucker and cole on the lift. stay on the look out for a crispy edit from carl
tucker fence gap into the pow above the park. definitely still some powder around brighton if you know where to look...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

awwwkkkayy post #1

backcountry Think Thank style, two people double while pulling four people. 1 sled 6 people

only to find meyers spot from 96

burnt rhones/bogarts pitcher

Mertz wanted to get some photos with the moon

closest moon in the last 20 years