Monday, February 28, 2011

japan some more

Driving to niseko

squat and shit Toilet

Boss coffee is boss coffee

Se shrimp chips

More driving. It was dumping out

Ramen house

Sunday, February 27, 2011

More signal japan

I love the connivence stores, so much crazy shit

Instant hot saki. Just push the tab at the bottom and it gets hot. Burning hot.

These are my favorite. Mystery rice triangle. You never really know what's inside. Well, unless you can read japanese

it started snowing as soon as we got to the hotel

Te vending machines are the best, so much good stuff everywhere all the time

Smoking rooms almost everywhere

View from our hotel window

more traveling, more packing.

Bad Burke!!!!!

A little edit from Bow and Arrow featuring Mr. Bad Burke himself, The Man, the Tallest Asian, and friends

Bow and Arrow from Faded Streets on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

back out of blogger retirement

I've been lacking on updates lately, heres a Brighton edit

Signal japan

We have a lot of shit.

12 hour plane ride, lots of whisky gingers.

As soon as we got of the plane it was instant culture shock

After our 12 hour flight to tokyo, it was time to get on another flight to sapporo.

No Ak 47s allowed on plans

The toilets are crazy with all the but hole cleaning stuff. Very interesting

Blat being hassled for his flash battery pack. They did not want him to fly with it

Finally made it to sapporo about 18 hours later and packed up the van and headed to our hotel. lots of traveling, but it's well worth it. Ill keep posting when I have Internet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

some recent brighton action

Brighton has been firing off lately... Lots of pow days lately and some awesome park days in between. we headed up on sunday despite all the crowds.
Deep everywhere... and the parking lot is always deceiving especially if you know where to look.
back again on tuesday. had planned on hiking around but the avy danger was still high so we opted for some park laps.
mike mo and chris larson
brendon hupp first time at brighton. hupp laughs all day
aaron bordner chucking on the qp
hupp boardslide mini s rail
ran into hammid, alex andrews and sean black and some other homies.
larson rope ollie
bogart nollie flip on the roller line
then continuing the on the bottom line with the nosepress on the long box. nice little edit comin from the real mike mo later...
Like I said, Brighton's been awesome lately and the forecast is looking good. get up there!