Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some pics from sia pt 1

we drove to sia for pretty much the whole tradeshow. for some reason i'm still in colorado but the tradeshow is well over. heres some pix
whole lotta nothing except for a few windmills on the drive out there
chip found some ill sweaters at the gas station
we got there right in time to party. thanks mo for the wristband
marbens mustache getting pretty crazy
desiree watching a casual game of pool
im pretty sure del played at the arnette party. this is what it looked like to me anyway
yosh stickers going everywhere. this is right before brewsters incident
he ended up needing a new shoe the next day
bode and le grange after a long night
granger had been talking to some potential new sponsors. we like to call it sponning
he had a sock guy hook him up with a crispy pair
this was the sock guy
so X
bode and chip just hangin with scotty steves
lots of emotions flying around here. stay tuned soon for more pics

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