Monday, February 14, 2011

japan pt4

more awesome 7-11 stuff. ciggs and coffee all in one convenient package.
more dams to snowboard on
larson had some big plans that might have been a little too big.
ross had waffle ice cream sandwiches at the spots almost every day
geno and yosh facetiming
one of the guys at our lodge, yassu, cooked the best nabe dinner ever for us
so good
we all got some hand-painted japanese bandanas from Miyuki
this one's mine
yassu and angela from tabi tabi, geno, burtner, miyuki from snowstyle, mackie, yosh, pika, myself, ross, larson
another group photo the next day
backcountry zones are insane here. so much to do, so little time
towards the end of the trip in hakuba our van organization got a little more dialed
ross found the best snacks. he was really psyched on this one
chris lawson
one of the sickest spots ever, complete with a giant buddha. not floating, just right there with us

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  1. that buddha spot is so sick I'm really really jealous