Thursday, February 24, 2011

some recent brighton action

Brighton has been firing off lately... Lots of pow days lately and some awesome park days in between. we headed up on sunday despite all the crowds.
Deep everywhere... and the parking lot is always deceiving especially if you know where to look.
back again on tuesday. had planned on hiking around but the avy danger was still high so we opted for some park laps.
mike mo and chris larson
brendon hupp first time at brighton. hupp laughs all day
aaron bordner chucking on the qp
hupp boardslide mini s rail
ran into hammid, alex andrews and sean black and some other homies.
larson rope ollie
bogart nollie flip on the roller line
then continuing the on the bottom line with the nosepress on the long box. nice little edit comin from the real mike mo later...
Like I said, Brighton's been awesome lately and the forecast is looking good. get up there!

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