Wednesday, February 9, 2011

japan pt2

krush, geno, burtner, and yosh at the boxes for days afterparty
i am way too tall for most of the doorways here. i hit my head at least twice a day
driving to spots
kenji and kenken hauling away boxes the next day
this is kenken. hes the man around here
sketchy woods run ins
maki working on some grabs
the lake tahoe of japan
krush scoping some snow monkeys
these little guys were everywhere

hakuba valley
larson and ross pimping a spot before calling it a night
7-11s here are the shit!
the best snacks ever
we went to garage 902, the best shop around here. heres burtner looking for box scratchers
group photo
scotty steves and grendys cover
geno and milbz
maki showing us his photo in freerun
japanese zas
the next day it was starting to dump. ross was stoked

banked walls everywhere
got to another spot and it was dumping even harder
hey ross....
these koala bears are the best candies ever
larson jumping off some snow barriers
still so many more photos to come...

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