Friday, February 18, 2011

japan pt5 - the search for the kamoshika

the powder tales from japan are no joke. we learned that on this day. 2 feet overnight. psyched that we finally got to experience a true japanese pow day
Magical GoGo - koala candy collabo
on our last snowboarding day we went to Iwatake. Local Japanese resort. No tourists go here usually, so it stays pretty peaceful most of the time. huge resort with sick terrain, and nobody goes there. we had that inside scoop though. Thanks Mackie and Iwatake for the tickets
sick squirrel statue in the lobbyfunny picture on a bag of chips
one of the sickest gondolas ever
harsh zeach on scorpion hill
first chair ride up. for 9am it looked tracked, but then we learned the secret. nobody goes on runs with trees on them, only open runs. some kind of rule or something
we ran into kana and yuki from high cascade and their friends
i followed that last trail and it led to me this thing. a kamoshika. they seriously look like mystical creatures and are pretty rare in most parts of Japan. part mountain goat, antelope, deer, bear, dog, cow, tiger, and wolf. we spent a good portion of the day trying to find and chase these things
and we saw some sweet snow sculptures
mackie and happo resort in the background
geno picking out tree lines from the gondola
there they are again!
wtf are they?
the ticket checker after you get on the gondola
larson nosepressing his way towards the tree runs again.

ross in snowboard heaven. steep untouched tree runs all day long. nobody really breaks the rules around here so we lapped runs like the whole day.
pika popping out of the trees
no riding under the chairs either. everything to the left of the chair in this photo was an insane run
ross ended the day with his buddy
and heres burtner with his new glasses. then we headed to tokyo for 3 days and three nights. photos from that soon

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