Sunday, February 20, 2011

tokyo tradeshow

Im skipping a dew days here since i have too many photos from being in tokyo. but our last full day in tokyo we went to the interstyle trade show. pretty fun just to be in a different tradeshow environment
first a stop at the best bakery in the whole world
they had all these crazy animal pastries
wassup frog
first person we run into. Kazu. what are the odds, right?
Milbs was there
and gus! crazy to see friends at the same place so far away
ross signing some autographs, mellow
then we hung out with gabbi
pork pockets. these things are so good and theyre at every convenience store
skatepark at the tradeshow. fools were ripping
mervin booth
me, mike from mervin, and burtner
burtnasty checking out some of the lib japan decks
larson ross and gus back to the convenience store
beer and ice cream snacks of choice for the day
ross and his alligator sandwich
ross, mugi-san, and yoshida-san
then at stop at macadanado
miami burger. cant get this shit in the states. macdonalds in the usa doesnt have shit on japanross got down with the japanese glasses style. no frames
a sex hotel right next to our hotel
best beer ads ever
and thats the trip to japan. best trip ever huge thanks to everyone that helped make it happen!

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