Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some pics from sia pt 2

burtner and bittner presenting awards. congrats to jess
some sweet art at the nike party afterwards
desiree got into a few beer fights
brewster and his battle wounds from the night before. pretty sure he won at sia
this crazy bastard thought he was a robot
chip looking at his poster at the celsius booth
some more sponning going on??
what an idiot!!!
lots of hanging out at the salomon booth
as long as you can find a pass... brandon larson found a good one
quiksilver/mervin party at the vault
they actually had a vault down in the basement
supposedly they held people hostage in there a long time ago. and there's ghosts. richie might be a ghost in this one?
larson in the vault
quincy quigg art

the walk to the next spot
some homeless people. kinda surprised that brewster didn't join them like he always does.
welp thats all i took pictures of. i guess you had to be there...


  1. that afro headed robot is such a prick. i saw him on 16th in denver every time i was there growing up, and the fucker is always talkin shit. callin me a hippie, callin fat people out. pretty funny tho.

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