Wednesday, February 9, 2011

japan pt1

think thank trip to japan. so awesome. ill try and keep it as short as humanly possible, but im getting all tourist over here and taking too many pictures.
yosh workin on some tramp skate moves at burtner's before heading to the airport
mellow 11 hour flight
ross psyched on the in-flight service. free beers!

flying into tokyo...

straight to the vending machines
yosh trying to help larson open the snacks. those seaweed triangles can be hard to figure out
trying to get on the book while waiting for our bus to hakuba (the hakubus)
pika and most of our luggage
load 'em up
we got to the tabi tabi lodge around 4am, then had to wake up a few hours later to go to boxes for days. this was the first real glimpse of our house for the majority of the trip
the main lodge
ross in the gear dry room
kenji came and picked us up in our rental van for the trip
our guide maki and kenji on the mic
yosh guinea piggin
lines for the box for days
krush and yoshie, the girl who got the box before anyone. somehow she boarslid it
yosh getting a shot of the japanese sexton
japanese jake OE and japanese harrison
we asked for a group photo and way too many people were down. this is my view
stoked boarders
larson and his new girlfriend
more group photos
hcsc crew in japan
an abandoned resort just down the road after the event. plenty more to come soon...

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