Sunday, March 13, 2011

a bunch of photos i didnt get around to posting

i have no new photos to post since ive been stuck inside for about a week straight now. but heres a bunch of photos from when slc had some snow about 2 weeks ago.
mike mo and his halibut posted up at the art center rail
mad max is crazy!
taco carts are the jump off
blatt and his whip that he left at the club before heading to japan
mike mo posted up at another secret location. also proof that he still shoots long lens
the fuckin red rail...
hupp and bogart stackin... not really any shots but they were stackin hay bales
then this rail. i took this one a little premature (your welcum bode) but i could watch matty do noseblunts forever.
larson keepin you guessing
hupp was filming second angles before he jumped in there
me keeping you guessing
roadside drop in
matty thinkin he was all healthy. i prefer beers at the spot to this crap
chip workin on that five trick fiesta
we ran into the rails-into-concrete-banks crew at another spot
kooley next to bogart
5 guys again. heres chip and a juggalo in the background
bogart ordered one order of fries with his burger and thats what he got
our first slc night spot of the year i believe
bogart and larson chillin after getting their tricks within 5 tries each. must be nice
and you can never beat when homies randomly show up at spots to use the dumpsters. thanks for the beers trent!

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