Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signal japan day........ something

So far my trip to japan has been one of the most amazing trips of my life. The food the people the snowboarding. All just so amazing!!!

Sit down showers are pretty nice

Fish and rice for breakfast is so good

Yusaku horri always so happy

Nesiko night ridding is so fun

Soup curry, this was so fucking spicy.

We went to an after party for an on snow demo. There was more Australians then Japanese people. They entire bar also played a massive game of rock paper sizer for prizes. So funny

This ramen house was the best yet. So good.

How about a good old pizza sandwich with a hot dog in the middle. Or maybe some squid in a bag or fish in a bag, that stuff was right next to trail mix and peanuts. haha

Blat and myself have come very fond of saki. It comes in huge bottles and is cheap as shit. I invented a new drink called the lemon party. Saki and lemon soda. Very good and great for long drives or walks. you can legally drink in cars here and walking down the street. So awesome!!!

You would think this might be milk or orange juice. Nope.. It's saki

We've been doing lots of Sapporo drinking and netting. Great combo

for breakfast today we had kiwi, corn, salad, fried potato cheese wedges, an egg, bacon, tons of bread and clam chowder. The beat breakfast

After breakfast we went up and built a hip that one of the locals showed us. Then I took a sit down shower, eat some bacon in a bag, drank an alcoholic orange juice drink, then we fudge packed the car up and hit the road to Sapporo.

the entire staff at the place we stayed came out side to say goodbye to us as we drove away. It's just insane how nice everyone is here. Blows my mind.

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