Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the drive to tha northwest

me, granger, bogart and sean black had to drive to the northwest for some top secret snowboard shit yesterday. first, we had to wait for granger and bogart who had packages cumming from signal. we waited till the end of the day
it was like christmas when the packages came though. note that these came at 3pm and we had a 14 hour drive ahead of us
thanks tep :):);)
packing up the car. 3:15 PM
3:45 pick up sean black. note how much snow there is in the yard. kind of a whoops to leave town at a time like this, but oh well. its gonna be well worth it
spirits are high again now that we are finally leaving. official departure time from slc : 4:00 PM.
granger's accessories for the drive
leaving slc before sunset is all that counts

we tried to do a live broadcast of our drive. it kind of worked for about the 2 people that could see it
about nine hours into the drive we ran into this. it stayed like this for about 250 miles
then we made it. 4:45 AM
we woke this guy up and thankfully had a place to crash for a few hours before boardin'
it snowed about 3 feet since yesterday and supposed to snow plenty more tonight. no longer worried about how much snow salt lake city has

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