Sunday, November 28, 2010


figured i should start this off right
larry working on some ledge tricks
the vg crew has been following us around a lot. takin advantage of that thanksgiving city snow
start early, go from spot to spot and usually end around night time. craziest early city snow sessions ever
im sure everyone will be able to figure this spot out soon, but from the looks of it theres a good chance itll be knobbed again if theres always snow piled up against the doors. gotta clean that shit up when your done
drunk dave in da streetz!
chip and mike mo skate style to the max
mama hades has this crazy photo filter. must be some kinda artsy capita crew stuff
ross and drunk d
coffee shop chip
we got first chair and fresh tracks at rail gardens today. drunk d made it for his first time ever
i got first tracks, what up now
dave gettin that pow slash
chip psyched on the first run of the day
then he got iced
soon after that brewster, larry, johnny, and devin showed up
larry front lip FTNW
grenier got his new boot from 32
then we got back and started building a mini pipe for shits and gigs
2 shovels at once what you know about that
bogart whippin donutz all over the place
night session cumming soon...

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