Monday, September 27, 2010

detroit and built to spill

me darker puke and the neighbor kid went to detroit. dont ask why. but it was pretty sweet. we saw built to spill and got vip tickets and drinks, then hung out on the tourbus for a while. definitely one of the wildest nights in a while. heres some photos.

this probably makes you wanna ask more about why we went.
saturday night we went down to detroit and saw built to spill. thanks to cmac and brett from BTS for hooking us up. heres brewster facedown in the street on the way to the show

heres me lying face down on built to spill's tourbus

ponytail parker
heres parker laying face down after they stopped playing
brewster copped some new dancing shoes
brewster hanging in the backstage zone
after we hung out with the band for a while we went out to the casinos. we had to be at the airport in a few hours so we figured wed stay up all night. brewster ended up passing out in numerous locations in downtown detroit.

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