Thursday, September 30, 2010

super post flood the blog: last night and today

Last night was Matty Mo wednesdays and it went off, people got kicked out I almost got in a fight, and it was two girls birthdays one was a 21st. In the midst of "capturing the moment" a few photos may have came out a little blurry.

DJ Matty Mo
Bundy filling up Parker Duke
Brewster and Johnny

Grenier himself
Justin "Gyp" Keniston
Bode, Monica, Cassy
happy 22nd

Parker, Hobush, Grendy's
this guy was wildin out
dancefloor facedown

not sure what they were talking about but it seems serious
maybe not

don't miss out make sure to go next wednesday

The next mourning we went to check out Park City's new park
stopped by Milo, they got mad Dino's in stock, best boards, get one!

the crew was Bode, myself, Brewster, Tim, and Scotty met up with us

stayed until dark

edit in the works from the past few days of skating

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