Saturday, January 1, 2011

end of the east coast holiday trip

heres part two. had originally planned on more boardin' photos but i feel like i shouldnt leak em'. oh well. sucks to be you guys, i guess you had to be there. you'll see em on here eventually.

we went out and got chinese food after sam and brandon left on wednesday. i had da pu pu!
Granger's room at his parent's house, just how he left it. you should see some of his vintage magazine pages that line his whole room. seriously awesome
i know granger already posted these photos, but i don't care. different camera anyways.. dunkin donuts 4 life fool! gotta hit em up as much as we can when were back there

also gotta get those jed tributes...
'nother repost. granger after taking a hefty tumble at this wood kinker.
brett colson handlin' biz. brett stacked some hamms for a couple days when he wasn't workin his 9-5
so much blogging going on
blatt goin' for that tina!
granger had 4 wheel drive the whole time back home. he was taking full advantage everywhere. this was a normal way of parking for him
granger was still hurtin' so he took photos instead. two cameras and an iphone all at once
granger really gettin' into that photo position... so awesome
now its back to slc for awhile for me...

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