Saturday, January 29, 2011

new england

Since I've got to the east I've wanted to go into Boston and we finally did

daily first stop for Sean and Hammid, they drive out of the way past 5 dunkin donuts to get to this starbucks, they claim they can't stand dunkin's coffee

Beresford still wanted to go to dunkin

Sean Black disrespectin

in search for that new england chowda

Beresford hates going into Boston because of tolls and parking tickets. The first few we could barely scrounge up enough cash to pay. Sean was able to get out of a ticket on this toll

but at the next toll they got us

2 hours and 2 tickets later were at the spot, payed the janitor 40 dollars to hook us up with the snow blower on the roof

finally got dat new england chowda

Boston on the drive home

just barely got by this toll, finally had to stop and get cash at an atm

Beresford inhaled one of his own hairs and almost puked

get back to the house and find this... Sean's been leaving his things all over the house, this is in the kitchen. looks like he couldnt make it to the bathroom

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