Saturday, January 8, 2011

more park city

heres some more from pc the other day... hopefully well be up there a bunch this winter that place is firing off!
sage cab 5 maple syrup
sam taxwood cab 9 nose. these little kids at pc are no joke
matty mo bs180 melon
the biggest mike ever bs 180 crail
sammy, matty, and marquise discussing how the jump went outside cobra dogs
enjoying a nice chilli cheddaconda in one of the gondolas
we saw a rival crew in the liftline - alex, harrison, zak, and gary
harrison pointing out yet another rival crew in front of us. cam pierce and stevie bell and crew were rolling around. pc blowin up!
zak hale side hit as the light goes down
back to cobra dogs...
watch out for these guys...
alex was pretty excited about that veggie dog
then we drove back to smog lake city. check that smog creepin into the parleys canyon
mmm fresh air

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