Monday, January 10, 2011

the first day in a string of shitty days. 2011 is cursed

so we started off 2011 by going to a couple spots. heres a small recap of the first shitty days we've had
the snow sucked, so we set up the spot the night before. mike mo pimped it the next morning
while we were waiting, we got a nice stair line going. matty mo switch snap
timmy backed him up with a fs 180 up above to some more ill shit down the rest of the line
unfortunately i didn't take any pictures when we actually hit the fence. but heres a quick synopsis. the landing wouldn't get hard enough so we sunk into the concrete every time. pretty early on in the session timmy blew his knee out going too fatty to flatty. right after that, some city workers kicked us out and broke down the jump. they said it was too much of a liability if someone got hurt. WHOOOOPS

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