Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Giro film trip Minnesota day one

so I finally made it to Minnesota. Once again thank you US airways for just fucking me. You can all go to Hell and burn in a fiery plane crash.

So this is Chuck, the Giro TM, he is the fucking man. He is the Bases for the the band Good riddance. I remember them from the warp tour years ago. If you don't know them, there an awesome hardcore punk band.

We started the night off with a real nice bottle of wine. And some fine Italian dinning in the mall of America.

We ten went to triple rock social club. It's an awesome place, chuck had played a show there before.

we started to get pretty drunk and started carving upside down crosses into the brick wall. Here's Anton Gettin after it.

I carved the name of our cab driver into the wall. His name sounded like ass rash when you said it.

Good night. Still haven't seen RP yet. But soon I hope.

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