Monday, December 20, 2010

alaska skreetz: part 3

Kooley joined us from Minnesota

first spot we went to was south to warm up on. kooley frontboard

larson and blunts?

its been cold since the day I got here, you can tell by Jon's frosty beard

I was letting hupp use my board, in the mean time I dug this ride hebbel tribute board out of my garage. jon testing that flex.

hupp about to get schooled

hupp getting schooled by larson and jon

being in the cold every day gets old

had to re up on facemasks and hand warmers

hupp getting dropped off at the spot in a limo, no big deal.

finally getting to hit this spot

it has a heater

/glove dryer

next day larson wasn't waking up so hupp payed a vist to his house, but he wasnt there

tracked him down, he was staying right by alaska's rg's?

not our first time getting kicked from this spot, no reasoning with this guy

he was pointing out the cameras which had long lens covered with there telephoto lens

driving back we saw this

decided that we needed to get a few laps in at the local hill

I tried to make a throwback edit with the vx, got to film one line before it was too cold and the camera shut off whoops....

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