Thursday, December 9, 2010

recent street hustles

not much city snow in salt lake anymore, but you could still milk a couple spots. most everyone took advantage while it was there, goin all day then all night before the snow melted.
5 guys has been the post hammer spot recently
awwww yeeeeeeah
whooooops - check out that tail light that was smashed out by a loose bungee
"its like sticking a marshmellow in a keyhole"
eddie. dont gotta say anything else
been going to rail gardens a lot. that place rules, but kids - keep that shit clean. dont trash up the one spot the city gave us
drunk d in tha house gettin that 16 pimped
who is roobs filming for again?
cale zima may or may not have done this crazy gap. look close for his take off
scotty steves has been hurt for the past month, but hes gettin those stomp pads ready...
if you guess whos under the cookie monster mask you win
chips dad big kev imported some dunkin donuts. so psyched!

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