Tuesday, December 7, 2010

washington megapost

been lagging super hard on the washington pics... heres a bunch from our trip, no leaks though. deal with it

sean black nerdin out in our hotel room
granger and yosh snow-docking
yoshida playing god callin all the shots
not a whole lotta action goin on in this photo, but thats a bald eagle and i think thats just great
this was our meal of choice most of the time mmmmmmmmmm
austin and 2/3 of his ideal drinks
you may have seen grangers hump day on yobeat. this is him celebrating that one guys comment on the night it came out.
next day waking up to more powder
tim eddy self tribute. stay tuned on this one
i iced burtner after he got me first thing in the morning
yeah thats right wasssup now
yosh ate this in one bite, i swear
the sunrise the day we left to drive back to slc

above the clouds on the drive back
we passed austens town
foggy driving most of the way back. if you can guess what video we were watching you win nothing but you get mad street cred
we stopped at 3 places in idaho to search for something...
we finally found them and granger was psyched
awwww yeeeeah last batch in twin falls, id
wish i could have shown you guys more, guess youll have to wait and see

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  1. You were watching Scotty Wittlake's part in happy hour. Did my cred go up?