Friday, December 31, 2010

east coast megapost part 1

ok here we go, the first part of my adventures back home in mass...
cruised up to mt snow for the first couple of days... holy shinto beans that place is awesome this year. stevens, phillips, ali, elliot shown here
brett colson running back from the car grabbing the camera for the edit
ali and ian keay on the deck chillin
after xmas we got some snow. dont think the plows were really ready for it, this is supposed to be the busiest highway in the northeast
beresford getting some noboarding in at an undisclosed location
beresford slappin on a noseslide attempt on this balance beam about 10 seconds before getting the boot... good luck getting through security if you find this gem
the next day sam hulbert and brandon reis came and picked me up and we headed down to southern mass
hulbert going the distance on this westside balance beam
granger may or may not have slid the entire length of the rail, guess you'll have to wait and see
beresford on the drop in ramp
hulbert 300 foot boardslide
granger and his world record rail
afterwards we went and got some pizza
blatt's been with us shootin some sweet photos, check out this sled he saw on the hill that day
sam, who was still amazed by the meaning of a drip baby, is seen here eating some pizza. that entire sheet of pizza was 3 slices according to that place. 3 dollars a slice you kiddin' me???
plenty of leftovers for the next day
later we went to theory. heres a pretty awkward photo of burke helping eddie stretch
next morning we had a check-in call with a member of our east coast rival crew
then we went to this thing. perfect rail...?
hulbert ft... i have more photos but no more leaks!
brandon got upside down, no big woop
granger already leaked the photo of the next spot that we tried to go to, and that rival crew told us about this sweet (???) down bar we should check out. whooooops. here granger is building one of 5 lips. wait, what?

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