Friday, December 17, 2010


went to colorado with johnny brady and darrah for a contest. it was fuckin' chill

is it weird that im getting used to driving through the night in snowstorms to go somewhere?
johnny is so metal, this is always what it looks like when he drives. 666 hail santa
we got in around 4 am and jonah owen lets us crash in his hotel room, thanks jonah
he thinks hes mexican...
starbs. sup billy
probably my favorite part about doing contests like these
the bar at copper was poppin'. moms dancin' everywhere
little fun fact for ya, i learned how to snowboard on this hill a long time ago on a family vacation. no big deal
fuck watching a halfpipe contest outside when you can be in the vip area
hey sam
johnny wasn't allowed to do the contest but bridges let him drop that back 7 of his, fuck yeah
forest fs 3
rp flipping, what else would he be doing?
the next day after the contest we headed to a spot in breck thats pretty well known and tried to jump down some shit. heres darrah givin'er onto some sketchy stuff. she may look harmless but definitely not afraid to give'r hell
last starbs stop before johnny and darrah headed back to salt lake
i stayed behind for an extra day and went down to boulder to stay with ian boll. not really sure why there was a tent set up in the living room, but i guess it was chyll. thanks for the hospitality fellas, big up big up!
luckily i didnt have to spend too much time in boulder and bailed early the next morning. maybe more later

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