Friday, December 24, 2010

canaduhh megapost

so by now you've seen burtner's weakly report, heres my version of the story.
from colorado I took a 5:30am bus to the airport, then flew to spokane, WA
from the spokane airport I took a city bus to downtown spokane, where I was left to figure out where the Greyhound station was. having no clue where the hell I was, I was kinda freaking out trying to deal with the weirdest people ever. I dont know if you've ever been there, but hopefully you can take my word for it that the bus system in that town is pretty out there.
made it to the bus station after walking a couple blocks with my board bag (trivia contest - guess who's board bag that used to be), only to find out that I had a private bus ride to a town near the border.
some middle of nowhere scenery from the bus
where the hell am I?
then Geno picked me up and we drove across the border. glorious mountains up there in CA
ross and yosh getting ready to go to the first spot the next day
media team gettin that higher angle
nice form there yosh
just glorious
yosh made some poutine almost every night. shit was on point!
best chips ever, I wish these were in the states. I wish we counted how many empty bags there were at the end of the trip
burtner had to go back to seattle early on in the trip, but we made plans for the second half through ichat
lunch ramp bitch! genos car got tagged
tribute shot from RBLB
the bike park. lots of RBLB moves went down here, was definitely a sweet spot to board
b ball session before some night ridin'
more old dutchy
i wonder what was in that door
this is the landing mark of a hammer, just wait till you see it...
ross and yosh double facedowns at a pretty unique spot
helllll yeeah building hills out of ice chunks
yeah ross lookin' psyched to shovel some ice!
peepin game from yosh
ross in his shop
getting ready cruisin' the town before some more nightboardin'
remember the photo from above getting ready the first day? this is how it was by the end of the trip
thats a wrap on the trip after this spot. see you guys later on...
canada is awesome

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