Monday, December 13, 2010

da skreetz part 2

recent activity in the alaska skreetz
anchorage's only natural speed down rail

rival crews lip, jumping into the kink? must be that new new

the shovel: by larson

whats hupp dodge snowballs

letting the jump set

scott bent his board by running into a fence

the next day it dropped to 2 degrees

hupp and I have been trying to see who can get more embarrassing photos of each other

bungee me in

then hupp started throwing his candy around, scott trying to get him back

larson pushing the drop in

hupp even brought his cat to make sure the landing was perfect

the temp dropped a little more for the night spot

pretty cold

larson and hupp balancing shovels

Larsons down for 0 degrees

we got to hit the spot a few times before getting kicked and had to clean everything up, hupps cat broke down at the other spot so he just hooked up his plow and did all the work for us

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